Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crochet Diwan tissue box cover

Hai friends here is my latest attempt on tissue box cover.i used front post double crochet,half double crochet 
double crochet for this 


  1. hi sandhya ,
    nice blog you have started ...
    do post the pattern for sofa tissue cover ...

    i have one more request ...
    i have to make a pull over for an infant 12 months to 18 months size ..
    but have not found a pattern hat fits its size .
    i have a pattern for an adult ,,, can you modify it to fit an infant ...
    if you can stitch along with me it would very helpful
    this is the link to the vest

  2. Wow!! very nice diwan tissue box cover sandy.......

  3. hi akka, superb!!.. love the color - looks royal!!
    I would like to make a doily, is it possible for a beginner like me?.. or does it require more practice.. also, what size hook n what thread will be needed for it?...

  4. thanks vino and devi........
    devi........doily is very easy try it..hook size 1.75mm thread size 10 ...thin thread will more pretty for doilies

  5. hai royce......thanks .that pullover is very nice but i think it will more complicated for a beginner.dont worry we can try it.i will help you in making

  6. Hi Akka, thank you... please can you give me some beginner doily pattern to try...

  7. here is a link for easy doily

  8. thank you sandhya ,

    was just waiting for your can help me change the pattern to fit a 1 year old , i can start ...

    hope its not a trouble for you ... if so please let me know ,


  9. hai royce first i have to make in that size then i will make one for an 1 year old baby ok?


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