Saturday, January 22, 2011

Free pattern of crochet Flower pot holder

hai friends here is a free pattern of flower pot holder i am a beginner in writing crochet patterns so if any errors or mistakes pls let me know
Materials needed
Crochet hooksize:3.50mm
Green yarn: one ball
Yellow yarn : one ball
Waste CD:1
Tapesrtry needle for attaching cd to back side of pot holder

Stitches used
sc  -  single crochet,  dc  - double crochet, slipstitch,  fpdc- Frontpost doublecrochet,Popcornstitch - 4dc insert a hook into first dc to last dc pull up a loop ch1 to secure here is tutorial link

ch3 slip st to form a ring
R1: ch3 count as first dc,11 dc in ring (12dc)

R2:ch2,frontpostdc in first dc in R1 ,*dc in next dc ,
frontpostdc in that dc * repeat *to* join to first ch2 

R3:Change to green ch2,fpdc in fpdc of R2,popcornstich in 
next dc(4dc insert hook into first dc to 4th dc pull up a loop ch1 to secure)*fpdc in fpdc ,popcorn stitch to dc*repeat join to first ch2(12fpdc,12popcornstitch)
R4:change to yellow ch2,fpdc in fpdc,dc in next space dc 
in popcornstitch dc in next fpdc,*fpdc in fpdc,dc in next space dc in popcornstitch,dc in fpdc* repeat join to first ch2(12fpdc,36dc)

R5:ch2,*fpdc in fpdc,dc in next 3 dc ,dc in fpdc* repeat join to ch2(12fpdc,48dc)

R6:ch2,*fpdc in fpdc,dc in 4 dc ,dc in fpdc*repeat join to first ch2(12fpdc,60dc)

R7:change to green sc in first fpdc 7 dc in 3rd dc in R6 *sc in fpdc,dc in 3rd dc*repeat join to first sc

R8:change to yellow ch2,fpdc infpdc,sc in 3 dc ,3sc in 4th dc,sc in next 3dc*fpdc in fpdc sc in each of 3 dc,3sc in4thdc,sc in each of next 3 dc*join to first ch2

R9:change to green slipstich in back loop of each sc in R8 join to first slip stitch

attach a waste CD in back side of this pot holder then it would be more stiff and used to be as a hot pad


  1. Wow!! very nice pattern and my hands asking me to do immidiately, but having embroidery work to finish and its so easy with the help of nice illustratiions sandy........

  2. thanks vino.....i am waiting for your embroidery

  3. thanks a ton dear..sandhya..for taking effort to post step by step illustrations...will make it soon ..

  4. thanks a lot for posting the pattern! am going to make it as soon as I finish some of the long pending projects:)

  5. WOW Sandi for providing the pattern. So crochet lovers will be motivated to do this piece.

  6. Excellent tutorial with the pictures, thank you for sharing the pattern!

  7. Hi Sandhya Ma'am, This is Devi (EcoGreen). You have a lovely crafty blog!! Nice step wise pics for the pot holder!

  8. Sandhya Ma'am I found another crochet gift bag(that is my display pic) online for the gift bag idea. How is it?.. it takes like 45 minutes for one bag..

  9. thanks vahee,yarnlady,nithya,selena and devi....
    @devi......very nice dont waste time prepare 75 bags soon ..have a nice party

  10. Sandhya thanks for the free pattern ----fantastic

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your project pattern. I really like it and intend to make a few for my table!
    Blessings, Donna

  12. Hi,

    Amazing!! I tried learning crochet once and left it but you motivated me to pick it up again!! Your things are wonderful!!

    Hop on to see my world at


  13. Hi,

    I am the owner of crochetpatternbonanza(.)com, a free crochet pattern directory. Just wanted to let you know that I’m updating my website and wanted to make sure that I have your permission to use your images for linking back to your free crochet patterns and/or tutorials.

    You can find more information on this page:

    Thank you so much for your time and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

  14. I love this pattern. I am making it in Christmas colors for family gifts. Thanks for sharing..


  15. Thank you for the pattern, I can imagine very well this one transforming into a cushion.


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