Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Hai friends here is my treasures from trash first one is a frock ,which i made from an old Tshirt with crochet edging
This door mat is made from an used rice bag and design it with woollen thread

here is more pic of  Tshirt+crochet=frock


  1. sandhya ,

    you read my mind .
    this frock from a t shirt has been in my to do list since a long time ...
    you have done a great job ..
    what sewing machine do you use ... any opinion about other machines , that i can get .

    by the by , i have started the sleeveless vest , and will ask you if i get stuck anywhere ...
    i am making the same size first .
    thank you for your support


  2. thanks royce....i am using singer electronic sewing mechine.In India i used usha sewing mechine that is also a good mechine but it was manual.welcome to your doubts

  3. Hi Akka, you are a superb creative person!.. very nice dress and I love the door mat! :) I'm going to start with the doily pattern you gave me.. Hope I can do it well. Also, I tried a very small doily for a trial : I have a question, what is a steel hook?.. is it different from normal crochet hook.. is a steel hook required for the pineapple doily?

  4. hai devi............dont worry about the hook material,i never mind these things .if i have a hook and a thread i will try whatever pattern i like,so you can do pineappldoily with the same hook in your hand.ok

  5. I believe I already commented on your dress on the forums! It is a great idea to turn old garments we dont wear anymore into something new! I do it all the time, Learnt from my mom! I hate throwing things away! Right now I'm working on a plarn bag!


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