Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Guinnes world record participation for largest crochet blanket

Mother India’s Crochet Queens (India) successfully made the Largest crochet blanket in the world, measuring an astonishing 11,148.5 m² (120,001 ft² 72 in²) – easily covering the football pitch on which it was laid.
Me and my daughter participated in this project and we got participation certificates proudly share with you all

Over 1,000 participants aged eight to 85, from India, as well as 13 other countries, contributed by creating hundreds of 40 x 40 in sections to make one enormous blanket

these blankets I made for that project

my daughter doing her blanket for the guinnes mission
From UAE more than 30 indian womens and 5 kids participated for this mission

Once the record was confirmed, the huge crochet blanket was taken apart and the individual squares were donated to those in need through NGO charities
here are some links about this project

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